Assateague Wild Horses List

Pony List: Assateague Wild Horses

This list is a work in progress…obviously. It will first be populated with horses most likely to be seen in the developed area of Assateague Island, north of the OSV (Over Sand Vehicle) area of Assateague Island National Seashore. Of the 82 (as of March, 218), this list will likely top out at about 30 – that a casual visitor may be able to see.  

Assateague Pony Data

Mieke's Noe'laniN2BHS-AIOFSorrel2016DevelopedYes-CLICKSmall star
Delegate's PrideN6ELS-HMBay2009Dev. & OSVYes-CLICKDark bay coat
Ms. MackyN2BHS-ALFPinto2013DevelopedYes-CLICK4 stockings, small star
April StarN2BHS-CFPinto2004DevelopedYes-CLICKstar, white forelegs, rear socks
Linda Rae's Autumn GloryN2BHS-APFPinto2017DevelopedYes-CLICKwhite & black tail, nominal face
Sarah's Sweet TeaN2BHS-OMSorrel2016DevelopedYes-CLICKRight mane, unmarked
Adriana'a Yankee PrinceN2BHS-AOMPinto2016DevelopedYes-CLICKstocking right fore, socks on three other legs
Gokey Go-Go BonesN2BHS-AFSorrel2002DevelopedYes-CLICKleft hind sock, auburn right mane
Patricia IreneN2BHS-HFPinto2009DevelopedYes-CLICKleft fore and hind stockings, right fore and hind socks, right mane with white
Susi SoleN2BHS-MFPinto2014DevelopedYes-CLICKwhite forelegs, hind stockings
Partial listing of Assateague Wild Horses found primarily in the developed area of Assateague Island, Maryland.