Assateague Horse ID App by Assateague Island Alliance

Learn to identify the Assateague Horses with this new App

The Assateague Island Alliance launched launched an Assateague Horse ID app a while back to assists park visitors in learning more about the wild horse population. The Assateague Horse ID App from the Assateague Island Alliance is available for iOS and Android devices.

Assateague Horse ID App
Ashlie Kozlowski (Assateague Island Alliance, AIA, Outreach Coordinator) said, “AIA is so excited to offer Assateague Horse ID as a new resource for visitors to the Assateague Parks to discover the horses in the Maryland herd. Not only will the app provide a tangible, hands-on approach for users to learn about the horses but it will also provide a new platform to reach the public to tell the story of the wild Assateague horses, the do’s and don’ts of human/horse interactions, and the delicate balance that is maintained to keep the horses healthy as well as the island on which they depend.

Download the Assateague Horse ID App from Assateague Island Alliance today to start identifying horses on Assateague Island National Seashore. Search for the app on your device: Apple App Store and/or Google Play.

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About Assateague Pony and the Assateague Wild Horses

Tell me about the Assateague Wild Horses.

Assateague Pony – the Assateague Wild Horses – is a new project of Bill Swartwout Photography. Bill created to supplement his online Gallery, AssateagueWildHorses .com, with articles and additional pictures.

Assateague Pony Mieke's Noe'lani.The Wild Horses of Assateague Island are loved by nearly everyone who sees them and Bill is no exception. The horses are often elusive and many people visit the park without ever seeing them – not one. This will be a chance to see the ponies that Bill has been able to find and photograph.

What this website is not: We are not connected to the Assateague State Park, the Assateague Island National Seashore or the Assateague Island Alliance.  We have no official relationship with any of the local organizations. Bill is a local landscape and nature photographer simply “plying his trade.” We have, however, contributed a small amount to the AIA by “Adopting a Pony” and participating in the Assateague Foster Horse Program. The Foster Horse program helps to raise funds for the AIA and to help support the goals of the AINS.

Why Assateague Pony and not Assateague Wild Horse?

If local fauna are really Wild Horses, why is the name of this website Assateague Pony? It seems that more people refer to the horses with the term Pony or Assateague Ponies. Hopefully, the site name will make it a bit easier to find (in the search engines) and we can help to correct the misnomer/misconception. Here is a brief article about the Assateague ponies really being wild horses.

Assateague Wild Horses"OK, tell me all about it - just whisper in my ear."

Mieke’s Noe’lani Portrait (N2BHS-AIO)

Portrait photograph of Mieke’s Noe’lani.

Portrait of Mieke's Noe'lani filly.

Affectionately known as the “Princess” this sorrel filly with a tiny star on her forehead is Mieke’s Noe’lani, N2BHS-AIO. She was born in 2016 and her name means “Mieke’s beautiful girl from heaven.”

Photographed as she was facing directly into the camera, this Assateague Wild Horse was seen grazing in the developed campground area of Assateague Island National Seashore. Her dam was N2BHS-AI Chama Wingapo who, very sadly, died in the Fall of 2017 from eating dog food.

Mieke’s Noe’lani is often seen with Susi Sole and Delegate’s Pride, AKA Chip. She was grazing with them when this photograph was taken.

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