Delegate’s Pride (N6ELS-H) on Assateague Island

Delegate’s Pride AKA “Chip” near the campground.

Delegate's Pride - Chip

Delegate’s Pride, N6ELS-H, a Bay Stallion was born in May, 2009 and began life as a “redhead” (actually a reddish bay color) as a foal. His adult coat is a dark bay like his lineage might indicate – from his sire, Sham. The Assateague Island Alliance website info states his usually location is on and around Tingles Island for much of the year and in the developed area – campgrounds – in summer.

This photograph of Delegate”s Pride finds him in March, grazing along a fence, in the Campground area. He was photographed in proximity to his “band” of Mieke’s Neo’lani and Susi Sole.

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