Mieke’s Noe’lani Portrait (N2BHS-AIO)

Portrait photograph of Mieke’s Noe’lani.

Portrait of Mieke's Noe'lani filly.

Affectionately known as the “Princess” this sorrel filly with a tiny star on her forehead is Mieke’s Noe’lani, N2BHS-AIO. She was born in 2016 and her name means “Mieke’s beautiful girl from heaven.”

Photographed as she was facing directly into the camera, this Assateague Wild Horse was seen grazing in the developed campground area of Assateague Island National Seashore. Her dam was N2BHS-AI Chama Wingapo who, very sadly, died in the Fall of 2017 from eating dog food.

Mieke’s Noe’lani is often seen with Susi Sole and Delegate’s Pride, AKA Chip. She was grazing with them when this photograph was taken.

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3 Replies to “Mieke’s Noe’lani Portrait (N2BHS-AIO)”

  1. Beautiful photo of my foster and grandpony. Her Mom Chama Wingapo was also my foster and she unfortunately died last fall after consuming dry dog food in one of the campgrounds. Her filly must have watched as she died painfully of an obstruction. This beautiful girl hangs with Susi Sole and Chip (Delegates Pride) at times but like her mother she tends to be an independent girl.

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